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About Andrews Enterprises

Andrews Enterprises Remodeling does remodeling, just as the name suggests. We are a small remodel contracting firm specializing in residential kitchens, baths, and additions. We do whole house remodels. Occasionally we can be persuaded to take on a new custom home. We also do light industrial tenant improvement; we have done retail store build-outs, small schools, offices. Need a door where there is none? We can do that. Need custom benches to work on? We can do that. Fire sprinklers, Earthquake Upgrades, Storage Shed in the Backyard? We can do that. We Do Not Work Weekends.

Andrews Enterprises Location - Map Andrews Enterprises is centrally located near the junction of highways 85 and 101 in the South San Francisco Bay Area.

We serve the cities of San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Atherton, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Milpitas, and some parts of San Jose.

Company Profile and Philosophy

Established in 1974, Andrews Enterprises is a sole proprietorship. Our company's aim has always been to provide our clients with durable and correct work at a fair price. We Do Not Work Weekends. We are extremely flexible with respect to client participation in projects. "All or any part of a project" sums up the basic philosophy there.

We believe that a job should always be done correctly the first time. We take the time to understand exactly what is desired and required before beginning work. We also feel that a project, once completed, should become an integral part of the structure, virtually indistinguishable as having been added and should endure the test of time, given reasonable maintenance. We work toward these goals.

One of our clients was heard to say, as several of her friends were bemoaning the fact that remodeling is such an ordeal and what did she think about that, "Yes, it is an ordeal, but WD makes it so easy!"

Another said, "I listen to my friends telling 'nightmare' contractor stories and I have nothing to share."

Another said, "He will build you a piano or a fence, doesn't matter." Hmmm.....never tried a piano, but we did a weather tight, exterior pocket door one time.

Some people ask for really interesting things." Will you hang my refrigerator from the ceiling?" (I didn't get that one.)

Who Is WD?WD

WD is W. D. Andrews, owner, estimator, operator, RME, bookkeeper, carpenter, and holder of California State Contractor's License Class B-1, Number  327062.

A former U. S. Navy helicopter pilot—'64 to '71, WD attended college after separation from the Navy. A Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Arts Education was finally awarded by San Jose State University thanks to the G. I. Bill. Hobbies include fishing, trap shooting, boating, and travel.

Upon graduation in 1974, he was asked, "Can you build me an office over my garage?"

Thanks to great clients we've been able to make a living while having fun most of the time. Long story short, we've been doing business "at the same stand" ever since.


The following is a list of clients and their projects who have graciously agreed to discuss our company with prospective new clients. Click the blue text to view pictures of the work, and contact WD for the contact information for any of these references.

Ray and Sharon Calcagno Bath/Misc. remodeling and repair
Terry Dinges Kitchen/2 Baths
Arthur and Sandy Hastings Removed a sliding glass door, earthquake retrofitting where possible, miscellaneous rearrangement of walls and door positions. Removal of fireplace and installation of glulam beam to replace posts by fireplace.
Cheryl Jasper Kitchen/Miscellaneous maintenance and repair projects
Mike and Frances Laursen A 7' x 11' garden shed, a 16' x 20' studio/office, remodeled the main house – new kitchen, new master bath, rearranged the master bedroom and closet configuration, changed all operable windows to double pane, moved the kitchen door to accommodate more cabinet space, added a back door for easy access to the studio, changed the side by side washer/dryer to a stacked set, and upgraded the lighting plan.
Sherry Listgarten Replaced all windows, doors, flooring, heating, wiring, and most of the plywood wall covering/various other renovations
John McGrath Upstairs closet to bathroom/2 Baths
P. K. Menon Light Industrial Tenant Improvements
Bob and Bess Roberts Rental Property Renovation & Repair
John and Cathy Rudolph 4 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, changed all the windows and doors, and installed all new hardwood floors
Bev Smolich and Craig Stevens Office addition/family room addition/ extended and remodeled kitchen /window replacements/two skylight installations
Adam and Christine Tachner Addition/Kitchen/3 Baths/Family Room
Gordon and Laurie Kitchen/Family Room/2 Baths/School

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(650) 969-3127
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742 San Carrizo Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
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